Battery Installation & Testing

Battery failure is the #1 cause of breakdowns.  Baier's Auto Time in Ft Walton Beach FL offers free battery testing and installs new car replacement batteriesBattery failure is the #1 cause of vehicle breakdown in Ft Walton Beach, FL.

A proper functioning battery is necessary for the operation of your vehicle and when it fails, it often leaves you stranded and in the dark.

Baier’s Auto Time in Ft. Walton Beach, FL offers FREE battery testing for your car, light truck or SUV with a scheduled appointment. If your battery requires service or replacement, our ASE Certified Technicians can get you taken care of and back out on the road in no time.

We sell and install top performing AC Delco & Superstart batteries for cars, light trucks and SUVs with full manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Battery Installation & Testing Services

  • We sell ACDelco Car, SUV & Light Truck Replacement Batteries Ft Walton Beach, FLPerforming a state-of-the-art computerized battery test
  • Professional replacement of a new battery, if needed
  • Properly disposing of the existing battery
  • Removing corrosion from the battery-cable terminals
  • Battery Maintenance Services
  • Battery Terminal Cleaning & Replacement
  • Battery Cable Testing & Replacement
  • Complete Battery and Electrical System Check