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Baier’s Auto Time is currently rated 4.6 out of 5 Stars on Google and 5-Stars on Yelp.

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Date of Service: January 2016
List Services/Repairs Performed: Transmission Service, New Tires, replace transmission lines
Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent
Please Tell Us How We Did:  Brad and his group are TOP NOTCH!! Brad performs all the maintenance on all of my family’s vehicles and has been doing so for over 4 years. Brad is fair on his pricing and honest with his customers. If there is a needed repair Brad will explain the repairs to you in lay-mans terms to give you peace of mind about what he is doing.Duane JonesCustomer Testimonial

Service Date:May 2015

Customer Testimonial:

Brad, Thank you for doing a thorough inspection when Sheila brought in her Honda Pilot for service. The bad lower control arm bushings were replaced under warranty. If you hadn’t seen them, we would have been stuck with a big repair bill since the warranty was almost up. I am impressed and appreciative!Dave K.Customer Testimonial

Service Date: April 2015

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Customer Testimonial: On holiday is Destin with a total transmission failure. Managed to find these guys at Autotime garage who replaced the transmission and get us back on the road in a week. Brad was honest and professional to deal with. I didn’t want
to deal with a Main dealership and was very lucky finding these guys first time. Also I was looking forward to not having to have a hired car from the airport and using our daughters car. (Oops, poor thing didn’t quite make it) Had to get a car from Enterprise car hire and what a relief, they were great and cost effective for five days. They even picked us up from Brad at Autotime. Keith BenjaminFacebook Review

Service Date:February 2015

Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Testimonial: Extremely pleased with Brad and the team at Baier’s! Not only did they research and coordinate hard to find runflat Bridgestone tires for my corvette (with separate sizing for front and back), they also explained all the rating systems…and they did all of this even before I decided to utilize their shop.

I got job bids from 4 different places after researching tires and specs online for hours before calling, around and Baier’s was the only place to go into details on everything, making sure I understood all aspects of the purchase beforehand. They weren’t the cheapest, they were simply the best quality for the price.

They have high-end equipment as not to damage your vehicles rims and stay current with the latest technology, educate you on every step of the process by leaving you detailed phone messages along the way so that you understand timelines, and even coordinated my alignment so that I didn’t have to make separate appointments.

True customer service and honesty here doing business the way it should be done with the customer being placed first. I recommend them in the highest regard, and will be back on my next purchase.Shawn LeathermanGoogle + Review

Date of Service: 9 February 2015

List Services/Repairs Performed: New Brakes and tires.

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Brad and his team at Baier’s Auto Time, perform great work and their customer services is unmatched anywhere. This is the only place I will take my car!CrystalCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: December 2014
Rating: 5-Stars Excellent
Customer Review: Best shop in Ft Walton Beach! Have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brad and his crew and give them my highest rating. Honest mechanics are hard to find and Brad Baier is one of the most honest…plus his team can flat out fix anything.Will GouletGoogle Review

Date of Service: November 2014

List Services/Repairs Performed: replaced damaged tire rim on new Subaru Imprezza

Rating: 5 Stars – Excellent

Please Tell Us How We Did: On a road trip south from Boston with my son to visit my brother in FWB I scraped the tire and rim on my brand new Subaru Imprezza in Atlanta. Yikes…but fortunately it was still driveable. We knew it had to be inspected closely and repaired once we reached our destination. Without hesitation the neighbor recommended Auto Time– and I was not disappointed! They were courteous, understanding, and very efficient–replacing the damaged tire with a new matching one and touching up the rim. The price was fair and my new tire and rim looked as good as the day i purchased the car! Thanks! Your customer service is awesome! Now, if only your shop was in my hometown…Beth MyersCustomer Testimonial

Date of Service: October 2014
Services Performed: New spark plugs & wires plus a bunch of other stuff
Rating: 5-Stars Excellent
Customer Review: Baier’s Auto Time is awesome!!! A friend recommended them to me a few years ago and I will not use anyone else for my 2002 Ford Ranger. He and his staff are knowledgeable, courteous and very professional. They are the best!!!Chris BrannonCustomer Testimonial

I just wrote up a lengthy glowing review on Brad Baier’s website. This one will be a bit shorter. I’m not only happy, I’m borderline evangelical about their service. I’m a picky, hard to please so and so with two 13+ year old cars….a ’99 Jeep Wrangler (wife’s low maint dream car-lucky me) and my ’01 Audi Allroad (other end of the spectrum – high maint). But I love my old Audi. Brad will treat you right. Period. Seriously…I’m sure there are other very good mechanics in a small town – however, I had trouble finding one in Destin. And if you haven’t found one yet, stop looking. Call Brad. Whether it’s your baby or your workhorse, your vehicle will be in good hands.David Miner5-Star Google Review

I’m so glad I found Baier’s Auto Time. I was about to spend way too much for a repair at the Acura dealership and I Googled auto repair and called Baier’s after seeing the reviews. When I called and explained everything to Brad, he was very helpful and instead of going with the dealer I made an appointment with Baier’s. Brad fixed my car and saved me a lot of money in the process. I now take my car to Brad for all of my car care needs and I recommend him to everyone I know.Rhonda Hill5-Star Google Review

Took a used car by for inspection and Brad was very friendly and articulate. He took a lot of time going over the carfax and explaining what it meant and any possible concerns. After his inspection he spent 30 minutes going over the detailed inspection and answered all of our questions. Using his inspection we were able to get the dealer to come down on the price more then what the inspection cost us. The inspection also gave us the confidence that we had a good car even though it was older and had many miles. Would definitely recommend his services for anyone needing a car reviewed before buying!Christopher Richardson5-Star Google Review

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review/Services Performed: For the last 8 years, I’ve been bringing both of my cars here from Destin for all of our service. I trust Brad for accurate repairs at a fair price. Everything gets diagnosed and fixed correctly and I’ve never brought a car back because of a botched repair.Mike L.Yelp Review- Jan 2014

Customer Rating – 5-Star Excellent

Customer Review/Services Performed – We’ve been using Baier’s Auto Time for out car repairs and tires for over 8 years. We drive from Destin to Fort Walton Beach because we know that everything will be done correctly the first time. Brad and Chris are knowledgeable, honest and friendly. They never perform unnecessary work, the price is always fair and the service is fast.Mike Levine – Jan 2014Google Review

Brad has been servicing all of my vehicles for a number of years now to include my work vehicle. He is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He takes the time to explain all aspects of his work.

His cost is comparable to other shops in the area but where I feel he stands above the rest is that he takes a personal interest in making sure the customer receives the best “bang for the buck”. I highly recommend his service.WoodyLocalEdge Review Nov 2013

Customer Rating: 5-Stars Excellent

Customer Review/Services Performed: I took my wife’s like-new car to Brad (owner) after the dealership couldn’t find what was wrong. Brad understood and explained the problem to me over the phone, and gave me a no-nonsense quote.

Not only was the car fixed several days early, but cheaper than quoted, and way cheaper than the dealer! On top of that, they caught a few mistakes made by the dealer as well.

Since they did such a great job on my wife’s car, I dropped off my 10-yr old VW for some much needed TLC. Again, Brad was incredibly thorough, caught several mistakes from past repair jobs and gave me several recommendations and a very reasonable price.

Brad and his team are polite, military-friendly, and experts at what they do. I plan to go to Baier’s as long as I’m in the area and recommend them to others as well.Jonathan Sanfilippo – Nov 2013Google Review

I have been taking my van to Baier’s Autotime for a while now. I am very impressed by their knowledge and their prices are very fair and chesper than most places in town. I had taken my van in to get the oil changed before I was supposed to go to Tampa for the weekend.

When Chris looked undery van he noticed fluid coming out from the underneath. It turned out my radiator was cracked and all of the fluid was gone. If he hadn’t seen it I probably wouldn’t have made it to Tampa and back.

I have had many things fixed on my van by Baier’s Autotime and they have always explained everything to me and shown me the cost before doing any repairs. I think very highly of Brad, Chris and Alan.

I have left my vehicle with them and they have given me rides back home instead of me having to sit and wait. They are true professionals and I recommend them anytime.JoeLocalEdge Review Oct 2013

My husband and I have known Brad for over 25 years. He has been my mechanic ever since. He is the only person I trust to look at my cars. He has always been able to fix my cars at very reasonable prices. He explains everything to me and calls me before doing any repairs to make sure it is what is going on with my car. Brad and his staff are very knowledgeable and their service is great. Jill D.dexknows Review Oct 2013

Just brought my 2010 Dodge Charger in today to get new tires. Brad already had them waiting and had given me a ride home. It was great knowing that he is now able to do tires and install them. I have always trusted all of my cars to Brad and just another great service he is now able to provide!!! Originally we had thought that it was going to need new castors as my tires were showing wear on the inside of the tires. It was actually the original tires were bad! It was great knowing that he was able to save me money by not replacing parts that didn’t need replaced after all!! Thank you once again Brad,Chris and Alan!!!LisaLocalEdge Review Feb 2013

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